What does OCR mean?

  • You’ve got more than just learning to do, but we’ll go easy on you for now.  For those unfamiliar, OCR stands for Obstacle Course Race – a challenging test of physical fitness and endurance that you’ll soon learn to love.

Why in the hell would I do this?

  • It may not be as hot, but it won’t be easy.  Millions across the globe have put themselves through tests of their limits at OCR races over the past years, but the justification varies for each person.  The Frontline delivers a brand new experience that will challenge your strength, endurance, and mental-toughness while providing those involved with a new found (or renewed) respect for the daily duties of first responders and those in the military.  Whether you come back for more is up to you.

Thank you sir may I have another?

Where will The Frontline be located?

  • Dellwood Park, Lockport, IL Next to Joliet, IL not far from I-355, I-80, and I-55 and generally under an hours drive from Chicago even with our wonderful traffic.

I don’t have a place to stay, is there lodging nearby?

  • We’re working with preferred partners to provide you with the best options, but there are plenty of hotels nearby.

How do I become a sponsor?

Is there an age requirement?

  • Participants must be at least 14 years old on the day of the event. If under 18, the participant must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  We will separately sort results based on common age groupings, but feel free to crush everyone out there.

How can I volunteer?

  • Please visit our volunteer page, or contact us for details.

What is the Special Forces class?

  • Special Forces is the competitive class of The Frontline.  In the Special Forces heat, competitors are allowed unlimited obstacle attempts, but must successfully complete each obstacle in order to be eligible for prizes and cash.  Special Forces competitors may not accept help from other racers when completing obstacles.  The top two male and top two female finishers will advance to the Blitzkrieg round.

What is the Blitzkrieg round?

  • The top two male and top two female Special Forces finishers will compete head to head in a high-intensity short course for a prize package.

Are there prizes given for the Special Forces class?

  • Yes.  A cash prize will be provided by our sponsors will be given out to the top three men and top three women.  Top finishers will also receive a Frontline OCR wall ball target.

Are there penalties?

  • No, but refer to the requirements for the Special Forces class.

What do I get for completing the race?

  • All finishers receive a shirt for completing your class along with a badge, photos and video, nutrition at the finish line, one beer (21+), and affirmation that you had the honor, valor, and tenacity to make it through The Frontline.  Endurance and Special Forces classes receive additional items and recognition.

Will there be restrooms on the course?

  • Yes, there will be restroom stations along the course.

Will there be water stations on the course?

  • Yes, there will be water stations along the course.

Will there be crying on the course?

  • There is no crying in baseball, but tears will be permitted just this once.  You’re also permitted to enjoy yourselves.

Will there be a bag drop?

  • Yes, there will be a bag drop area following registration/check-in near the command post.  $5 for checked bags.  Carry-ons are free.

Will there be a rinse station?

  • Yes, in fact we encourage bathing.  There will be ample outlets for rinsing off and towels for sale.

Is the race timed?

  • Yes, all classes of The Frontline are timed.

Did we forget to answer something?

  • Probably

Uhh I’ve been told two different things.

  • It’s all part of the plan?  Connect with us and we’ll straighten it out.

I’m behind on my mortgage payments.

  • There’ll be plenty of time for living in a van down by the river…when, you’re living in a van down by the river.

Can you help me with my math homework?

  • Not if it’s common core

For all other questions, please use our contact form.