Purpose-built obstacles that embody the physical hardships encountered daily in the line of duty.  Inspired by those who face their challenges head on and at full speed.  The Frontline doesn’t have scheduled breaks or plush assignments. Success requires preparedness, mental strength, and physical conditioning.  


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Special Forces Class:

Elite tier competition.  First heat of the day.  An elevated level of difficulty with additional challenges.  Strict criteria for completion of each obstacle – cash prizes, as well as your name, are on the line.  Special Forces culminates in a second round of battle between the top two finishers – the blitzkrieg round.  Expect far from the ordinary.

Open Class:

The foundation of The Frontline.  Heats following Special Forces every 15 minutes.  We hope you trained hard because we gon put you to work.  The Frontline represents the first responder and military line of duty.  The course will provide exposure to the daily struggle of the selfless individuals who entered these paths.  It is your responsibility to complete each challenge honorably; do not cheat yourself or accept defeat.

You can expect:  Climbing up, over, under, across, and through.  Hills, woods, trails of every variety.  Ammo can carries.  More hills.  Mud, water, smoke, fire, and other sensory assaults.  Partial to full submersion.  Sand bag crawls.  More hills.  Ropes, nets, walls.  Do that hill again.  Bridges and dams.  Burpees just because.  Traverses.  Rigs.  And when you finally cross that finish line, a finisher badge, dope swag, free beer, and a quality environment amidst some of the hardest working and fun people you’ll ever meet.  Mount up.

Endurance Class:

Are single laps beneath you?  Do you really enjoy pain?  Failed to give your all in the first round?  Skip the beer at the finish and report back to the starting gate for another go…or seven.  Gain recognition for each additional lap to complement your finisher badge and compete for prizes and cash.

Junior Class:

Based on popular demand.  Updates to follow. Contact us with interest.


Another event where I can’t see the person I came to watch compete for more than 20 seconds?  Sign me up.

Wrong.  Two spectator-centric areas on course.  One at the start and finish with line of sight to multiple obstacles.  One in the center of the battlefield – Frontline’s gauntlet of obstacles and rigs.  Ample services at each location.  Live progress updates displayed at the command posts as Frontliners advance to checkpoints.  Streaming video footage.  Result+media look up kiosks.  Food trucks, quality beverages, music, vendors, and an overall engaging experience.

Volunteer Corps:

Want to give back?  Join Frontline’s Volunteer Corps and help deliver a great experience for everyone involved.  We’ll see that you’re suitably accommodated with provisions and swag in line with your contributions.  Current or future event entries for those who donate their time for extra shifts. 


VIP parking is available for $15, while regular parking is $5


Included.  Unless you wante…nope.



What you get:

Open Class: Frontline OCR – 2017 Frontline shirt, badge, and wristband, nutrition, drinks, water, beer, music, and one hell of an experience.

Special Forces Class: Cash prize for the top 3 competitors, as well as a chance to battle in blitz for a prize package.

Endurance Class: Open Class + additional recognition to add to the standard badge for each lap completed, a unique wristband if you successfully pass all obstacles on your final lap, prizes for top 3 men and women, and a chance to win cash for the most laps completed.

Who exactly do you think you are?

Frontline OCR is made up of lifelong athletes, first responders, certified fitness instructors and nutritionists, certified martial arts and weapons instructors, first responder and military community supporters, risk experts, and elite OCR athletes you’ve seen along side you at events.  Nice to meet you.

So what?

We are setting our reputation on execution of a well-organized and designed event.  The Frontline will deliver a experience that challenges you to be fit for duty.  Obstacle queues will be avoided to the greatest extent possible.  Ample provisions including water stations, first aid, and bathrooms will be available throughout the course.  Emergency access has been implemented for quick extraction should injury occur.  Emergency management plans will be well-practiced and in place.  Registration, bag drops, rinse stations, changing areas, and results kiosks will be efficient. Participant post-event media will be on another level.  Frontline OCR is proud to offer the first annual and inaugural Frontline.  Together we will achieve victory.

I’m still not convinced:

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I’m waiting to see what my friends do:

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So you’re saying there’s a chance?

What was all that one in a million talk?


Ok, ok, STFU, I signed up:

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