Endurance Class

  • As Many Laps As You Can Complete Starting At 08:45 am
  • Top 3 Men & Top 3 Women Qualify For The 2017 OCR World Championships
  • Ineligible For Special Forces Class
  • Prizes For Top 3, $250 For 1st Place
  • Mandatory Obstacle Completion For Access To Podium And Prizes
  • Unlimited Obstacle Reattempts
  • Band Cut When You Throw In The Towel, But You May Continue Racking Up Laps
  • Final Lap Must Begin By 15:00, And Be Completed By 17:00
  • Rank Based On Best Time With Most Laps Completed


Open Class

  • The Foundation Of The Frontline
  • Top 10 Men & Top 10 Women Qualify For The 2017 OCR World Championships
  • First Wave At 08:45
  • New Wave Every 15 Minutes
  • Last Wave Starts At 15:00
  • Frontline OCR - The Frontline 2017 Shirt
  • A Badge, Wristband, A Beer (21+)
  • Other Giveaways And Sponsor Freebies
  • An Experience You Won't Soon Forget


Special Forces Class

  • 08:00 Start Time Only
  • Top 5 Men & Top 5 Women Qualify For The 2017 OCR World Championships
  • Elite Tier - 15lb Weighted Vest Worn Until Finish Or Failure
  • Cash Prizes
  • Must Successfully Complete Each Obstacle To Be Eligible For Prize Money
  • Competitors Are Not Allowed To Accept Help From Others On Obstacles
  • Top Two Males And Top Two Females Will Advance To The Blitzkrieg Round For A 1v1 Showdown


Junior Class

  • Opens at 09:00
  • 10-15 obstacles
  • 1/4 - 1/2 mile
  • Parental Guardian must be present for check in
  • Parental Guardian must supervise their children on the course
  • Multiple laps permitted
  • Shirt, medal, photos provided


Volunteer Corps

  • Volunteering duties based on need and skill
  • No guarantees on availability of role, but we'll try our best
  • Volunteer for 1 shift and get a volunteer shirt and free lunch
  • Volunteer for 2 shifts and get a free race*, a volunteer shirt and a free lunch
  • $20 deposit for all shifts for refund or credit towards merchandise immediately upon successful completion of duties


What you see is what you get.

No enticing entry level price that doubles by checkout time.

Sticker shock?  

We have the remedy:

  • Insurance: Included
  • On-site parking you can even use in place of a bag check: Included
  • Processing Fees: None
  • Optional bag drop $5 cash on-site
  • Optional essentials you forgot to pack: available at a reasonable price

That’s over $25 in savings, and you’re not riding the 🚍

Fatigued by disorganized events?

We know that feel.  We’ve got your back.

The Frontline will be flanked by top-notch supporting services:

  • Efficient and organized parking, check-in, and bag drops
  • Clear instructions in advance and the day of the event
  • Prompt resolution of special circumstances
  • Redundant systems to keep things running smoothly
  • Clear course markings and explicit obstacle regulations
  • Knowledgeable and active judges for competitive class compliance
  • Stocked water, nutrition, and bathroom stations
  • Medical staff, extraction accessibility, and the organization and communication necessary to uphold high safety standards
  • Demanding obstacles with the right amount of engineered risk
  • Results and media availability in real-time
  • Post-race media available as soon as you can be identified
  • Sponsors you’ll actually have interest in
  • Good food, beer, and music

All of the basic services you expect and more, delivered in an organized and efficient manner.

Action-seeking spectators will not be let down. Live coverage and accessible viewing from two vantage points.